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Commercial Director at VantagePoint


Agile Finance Series #4 - Working Remotely

Welcome to the 4th video of the Agile Finance Series where we talk about remote working.

BY: Liam O'Brien

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IFRS 17 Series #3 - Complex Calculation

Listen to Liam O'Brien and Matt Benaron discuss the complexity of calculations required for the IFRS 17 standard in the third ...

BY: Liam O'Brien

IFRS 17 Series #2 - Data Challenges

Welcome to part 2 of our series on IFRS 17. In this video we cover going through the challenges phase by preparing for IFRS 17.

BY: Liam O'Brien

IFRS 17 Series #4 - Trusting your numbers

Welcome to part 4 of the IFRS 17 series where we discuss challenges around trusting your numbers and transparency in relation to ...

BY: Liam O'Brien

IFRS 17 Series #1 - Introduction

Welcome to the first part of the IFRS 17 short series on how we believe you can best prepare for the upcoming Standard.

BY: Liam O'Brien

Agile Finance Series #5 - Review

Welcome to the 5th and final video of the VantagePoint Agile Finance Series. Let's review.

BY: Liam O'Brien

IFRS 17 Series #6 - Your project approach

Welcome to the final part of the IFRS 17 Series where we go through an essential aspect to achieving success with IFRS 17, your ...

BY: Liam O'Brien