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Agile Finance Series #1 - Introduction

Agile Finance Series Part 1. In this series, we discuss COVID 19 and lockdown, and some of the steps that you can take as you ensure your finance function can come out of this in the right way.

BY: Liam O'Brien

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Agile Finance Series #2 - Cost Savings

Welcome to video 2 of the Agile Finance Series. In this video we cover cost savings and driving efficiency across your ...

BY: Liam O'Brien

Agile Finance Series #3 - Adding Wider Value

Welcome to the Agile Finance Series part 3. In this video we talk how your finance function can add wider value to your business. 

BY: Liam O'Brien

Considerations Preparing for IFRS 17

IFRS 17 continues to be a core pillar of projects we are delivering and passionate about. Read about our latest preparations for ...

BY: Matt Benaron

5 fundamental lessons learned from years of software implementations

Read about key considerations for you to think about when initiating your own financial software implementation project. 

BY: Thomas Ibbotson

The improvement mindset

How important is culture? Read about the VantagePoint improvement mindset in our latest blog post.

BY: David Sillett

The price of putting it off

Read about how delaying improvement is an all-too-common theme that Finance can be prone to, and what the price of putting it off ...

BY: Matt Benaron