CFO Labs: Create a connected finance strategy in one day

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Key benefits of CFO Labs


Capability assessment and priority gaps 


Expert analysis, benchmarking and validation on capabilities.


Finance vision


Alignment across your team on the vision and target state of your finance function.


Transformation initiatives


A prioritised suite of change initiatives to reach your target state. 


Confidence assessment


Clarity on the current state of your finance function and the

confidence to move ahead with your priorities.


Transformation roadmap


A detailed roadmap giving direction and purpose
to your change initiatives.

What is CFO Labs?


CFO Labs is an accelerated finance strategy workshop that aims to give you three months of value in a single day. The one-day workshop will enable you to drive engagement, alignment and commitment to finance transformation, by providing you with a clear roadmap of prioritised change initiatives.

How does it work?


VantagePoint's CFO Labs embeds and activates a rigorous methodology to accelerate your transformation journey with a

comprehensive three-stage programme.

Stage one - Capability assessment survey

Capability matrix

The primary stage of the programme will enable you to develop a comprehensive and holistic overview of your existing strategy and subsequent goals and objectives. 


Using a capability assessment survey, key stakeholders at your business will be asked to assess the capabilities within your finance function. Capability gaps will be highlighted and will underpin your strategic analysis.

Capability matrix

Stage two - Client strategic analysis


A client strategic analysis conducted by VantagePoint’s consultants will then identify the market’s key trends and form part of the business strategy documentation. 


At this stage, the voice of the stakeholders is key, so extracts and interviews will be taken to build the finance perspective. The VantagePoint team will then review your inputs and provide a recommendation for the activities in the next stage.


Stage three - CFO Labs workshop


The workshop is a series of five activities that will enable you to identify, prioritise, develop and reflect on the lab outputs distinct to your organisation. 


The activities include: 

  1. Creating a finance vision using our four pillar finance model to assess your strengths, weaknesses and ambitions. 
  2. Reviewing your capability gap assessment and prioritising the key capability gaps to address.  
  3. Identifying key transformation initiatives and key activities to close the identified capability gaps. 
  4. Developing a transformation roadmap and identifying the interdependencies.
  5. Capturing your risks and enablers and then articulating how the finance function will be seen post transformation.

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