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Regardless of where you are in your ERP journey, VantagePoint can guide you through this process to enable you to meet your goals.

Our ERP experts and business process advisors will advise you at every step; from building a business case and selecting the right system, through to implementation and optimisation as your business evolves.

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How can we support you on your ERP Journey?

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ERP system selection

You've decided that a new or upgraded ERP system is the possible solution for your business. That might be because you've outgrown your current systems, your team is spending far too long on low value activity or you understand that an enterprise system is required to future proof your business.

During this phase, it is essential that you audit your current processes and capabilities, and benchmark them against a target state to try to find the ideal ERP system to match your requirements. This stage can either be led internally providing you have the expertise, or in most instances the system selection process is guided by an experienced third party.

At VantagePoint, we are a technology-first consultancy uniquely positioned to advise high growth businesses to assess the overcrowded technology market with a view to matching your business ambitions with systems and processes to fuel that growth.

We do this by:
• Understanding the ways in which you work and your growth ambitions
• Understanding the systems requirements that are critical to meeting your long-term goals
• Building the internal support and business case for change
• Leveraging our experience to recommend a shortlist of reliable ERP systems that will meet your needs
• Leading the formal request for proposal and ERP tender process from the requirements outline to the evaluation criterion
• Making a formal ERP recommendation based on your unique business needs and goals
• Negotiating with vendors and partners for the best possible value on your behalf.

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ERP implementation

The success of any new system implementation relies on the quality and methodology of the implementation just as much as the system itself. The implementation process includes steps such as requirements gathering, process mapping, migration of data, testing, training, deployment and support.

It is essential that a structured implementation plan that is tailored to your direct business need is carried out from end to end. VantagePoint phases ERP implementations based upon your unique requirements to optimise speed-to-delivery, cost-to-value and user adoption.

How can VantagePoint boost your ERP implementation?

• Highlight and mitigate risks that can derail projects, extend timelines or cause total costs to rise
• Leverage our expertise gained from over 200+ technology implementations to accelerate speed to delivery and navigate common pitfalls
• Employ a phased delivery approach, tailored to your specific business needs
• Offer support with overall systems architecture and the seamless flow of data

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ERP optimisation

“Can we streamline our processes further?”

“Have we received the value we were hoping for from the implementation of an ERP system?”

“Are there additional features or functionality we postponed during the initial implementation?"

How can VantagePoint optimise your existing ERP?

• Conduct ERP health checks to identify problems or misalignments and areas of improvement mapped to leading practices
• Adding modular functionality and bringing additional business processes into your ERP system
• Customising reporting output and dashboard views to reflect your priorities
• Advanced reporting and compliance support
• Subsidiary roll-outs and regional system expansion and taxation
• Problem resolution and support
• Business process automation optimisation.

ERP case study

ERP implementation case studies

Case study 1
Implementation of NetSuite in a global organisation across 25 countries.

Key results
• Standardised financial processes
• Efficiencies gained through streamlining month end and rationalising the system landscape
• Cost savings by reducing the reliance of third parties for local tax submissions

ERP case study

Case study 2
Implementation of NetSuite at a global asset management organisation.

Key results
• Standardisation of financial processes
• Global consolidated view of the organisation
• Automation of intercompany processes

ERP case study

Case study 3
Implementation of NetSuite in a large professional services organisation.

Key results
• Delivered a single cloud based finance and project management system across the business
• Automation of revenue recognition calculations
• Implementation of mobile friendly time and expense processes across the business

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