Five steps to building your ESG management strategy

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Is your business prepared for ESG disclosures?

What was once a voluntary move towards ESG disclosure, is now becoming mandatory. For business leaders looking to stay ahead of the curve, the time to prepare is right now. 

In this workshop, we will cover: 

  • The importance of ESG and what it means for your business 
  • How to take the first steps to building an ESG reporting strategy 
  • How to align your team around ESG goals and objectives 
  • How to build an executable plan for ESG compliance. 


We will be joined by IASeminars ESG Consultant and Faculty Member, Kate Daniels, who understands the implications of ignoring ESG responsibilities. She has seen the power of achieving compliance with international investment standards to benefit communities, the workforce, shareholders, partners, and organisations themselves. 

We will also hear from Advisory Director at VantagePoint, Jamie Benaron, who, with his vast experience in agile project delivery and large-scale end-to-end project management, helps the office of finance and operations to imagine and plan for the future, such as the incoming ESG regulation. 

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Access the live webinar on-demand

Your speakers

Jamie Benaron

Jamie Benaron 

Advisory Director at VantagePoint 

Jamie has spent the last 10 years helping CIOs and CFOs develop IT and finance strategies and operating models. His perspective on ESG comes from the angle of the cross-section between technology and finance. Specifically, how businesses need to set themselves up from a people, process and systems perspective to comply with ESG regulations. 

Kate Daniels

Kate Daniels 

ESG Consultant at IASeminars 

With 16 years of experience managing ESG and impact, Kate has spent the majority of her career leading ESG for a pan-African forestry company and, later, as an ESG consultant for private equity funds and impact investors. 


Liam OBrien-1

Liam O’Brien 

Commercial Director at VantagePoint 

With his vast experience in data management software, business development and consulting, Liam is at the forefront of understanding the needs of business leaders within the office of finance, and some of the ESG-related pain points they may be facing in the near future.  

Rowan Eatough

Accelerant - Head of FP&A

"There's a lot of experience within the business.

VantagePoint's ability to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in and help out, has been much more significant than I've experienced before. Their willingness to provide a viable solution has been strong."