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One-day workshops designed to give you the latest insights into AI, emerging technologies and trends for the finance function


What is AI Labs?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Labs is a one day session designed to future-proof your finance function through a mixture of presentations and collaborative exercises, which diagnose the present state of your finance function from a technological perspective. You’ll leave the session with actionable steps to further prepare and integrate developing AI technology into your finance strategy. 

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Why do I need AI Labs?

The continual development of AI presents an opportunity to finance teams to reduce the amount of manual, repetitive tasks and focus on initiatives that help move the organisation forward. AI can reduce inefficient processes, automate workflows and remove delays, analyse and present data in a digestible format and utilise the knowledge gleaned to improve processes and communication next time. AI Labs will provide you with a roadmap to leverage AI in your finance function and benefit from the reduction in administrative workload. 

How does it work?

Step 1
Looking to the future of AI in finance

Step 2
Diagnosing and assessing your preparedness for technological change

Step 3
Building a roadmap for integration of AI into your finance strategy

What will be covered?


The future of AI

A detailed look into how AI is going to impact and shape businesses, market trends and our analysis.


AI for finance

The art of the possible – this section will focus on where AI fits in to the finance function, the tangible benefits for CFOs and the first steps you can begin to take to prepare. 


Capability assessment

Our summary and playback of your organisation’s current state, based on surveys and interviews we conduct before the session. 


The end goal

Our high-level recommendations and suggested areas of focus to enable you to move your organisation to an improved state in the future through technological enablement. 


Transformation initiatives, roadmap and confidence assessment

The final stage involves developing a list of key initiatives that will get us to your end goals with AI, providing the roadmap to get there and the enablers and risks to consider. 

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What are the benefits of taking part in AI Labs?

  • Actionable insights from industry leaders: Get the latest on AI, emerging technologies and trends and how these are impacting finance functions

  • Peer review and round-table discussion: Forum with SMEs on where the technology is heading, as well as looking at potential future applications which can be used in order to stay ahead of the curve

  • Evaluation: A diagnostic of the present state of your finance function from a technological viewpoint to help identify areas for improvement

  • External benchmarking: Analyse and understand how you stack up against your industry leading peers 

  • Stakeholder alignment: Align your team around core objectives  

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