Technology implementation 

How can technology enable your business ambitions? 

At VantagePoint, we are committed to educating, inspiring and enabling business leaders to become champions of finance technology and transformation.

Our combination of applied experience and specialised knowledge of finance technology enables us to execute unrivalled technology implementations that maximises your investment.

We will unite your data and processes to create a connected finance function that drives your business ambitions. 

Our approach


We start by gaining insight into your existing finance processes, discovering how your business currently operates.


Then we define the improvements we’d recommend making, focusing on how to add the most value to your business.


Our consultants will scope out your team’s development needs: from data literacy basics to developing a long-term roadmap.


Our team of talented finance consultants and software partners work alongside you to kickstart your finance transformation.


Whether it’s guiding you into data maturity, running an end-to-end system upgrade or helping you reach reporting standards, we’ll implement the changes you need.

Group 316

Budgeting planning and forecasting 

Your finance team needs access to enhanced modelling and scenario planning capabilities that use centralised and granular data to make accurate and reliable predictions for your organisation.   

We will work with you to achieve an agile and modern finance function that fits your short and long-term financial goals. 

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Group 362

Financial consolidation 

VantagePoint can help you achieve a fast and compliant, multi-level financial consolidation process. 

We will review your internal financial close processes, systems and software, to unite your data and reduce your time to close.

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Group 342

Reporting and dashboarding 

Finance teams need technology to build reports and dashboards that provide clarity of insight and confidence in decision making. 

VantagePoint’s approach allows you to take advantage of our expertise, applied experience and accelerators to find the technology that delivers the reports you need. 

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Group 331

ERP implementation 

Regardless of where you are in your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) journey, we will guide you through the process to meet your goals. 

Our ERP experts and business process advisors will advise you at every step - from building a business case and selecting the right system, through to implementation and optimisation as your business evolves. 

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"It has been a pleasure from first point of contact to project finalisation to work with VantagePoint. During the entire technology implementation project, we felt comfortable that VantagePoint prioritised us as a customer, understood our needs, closely monitored the time plan and added resources to meet deadlines when needed. The willingness to go that extra mile for customer success was highly appreciated."

Frida Tidqvist

Associate Vice President Financial Reporting

"The expertise at VantagePoint showed that they understood our requirements and they gave us a lot of support around selecting the technologies and tools that we could use. They're able to tailor their services to your requirements."

Robert Hart

VP Group Finance


Discover how Accelerant became a technology-led InsurTech unicorn 

Since working with Accelerant, they have grown rapidly through acquisition and fund raising.

As part of the new strategic enterprise architecture, we developed a foundational technology architecture that can be replicated across new regions making it scalable and able to support their regional growth without increased headcount.

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