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Accelerate ESG compliance with our one-day workshop


What is ESG Labs?

ESG Labs is a one-day workshop that puts businesses in the driving seat with ESG. Our specialist finance training division, VantagePoint Training runs this bespoke service, which aims to simplify the mystery and complexity surrounding ESG; arming businesses with an executable roadmap for ESG compliance, from a people, process and systems perspective. 

How does it work?

Step 1
Looking to the future of ESG

Step 2
Assessing your ESG maturity

Step 3
Building a roadmap to ESG compliance

What will be covered?

Group 333

Step 1: Looking to the future of ESG 

We start the workshop by reviewing any documentation you might already have around ESG and conducting some visioning. We’ll bring assets, ideas and thought leadership on ESG and take a closer look at what other clients or competitors are doing in your industry. 

Group 351

Step 2: Assessing your ESG maturity 

We then run a rapid deep-dive maturity assessment to identify the compliance requirements of your business against your existing people, process and systems. This will give us a list of required initiatives that will lead you towards ESG compliance. 

Group 342

Step 3: Building a roadmap to ESG compliance 

Finally, our consultants build a prioritised list of initiatives for your ESG roadmap. This will enable your team to confidently assess the required resource to not only comply with ESG but to unify your reporting and communicate any process changes within the business. 

What are the benefits of taking part in ESG Labs?

  • Compliance clarity: Get rid of any uncertainty surrounding ESG compliance 

  • External benchmarking: Analyse and understand how you stack up against your industry leading peers 

  • Enhanced reputation: Implementing ESG practices builds trust and improves reputation with stakeholders

  • Stakeholder alignment: Align your team around core objectives 

  • Best-in-class reporting solutions: Unify your reporting so you can provide speed to insight  

  • Investor assurance: Your commitment to ESG will drive investor confidence and in turn make your business more valuable.

Frida Tidqvist

Nasdaq - Associate Vice President Financial Reporting

"It has been a pleasure from first point of contact to project finalisation to work with VantagePoint. During the entire technology implementation project, we felt comfortable that VantagePoint prioritised us as a customer, understood our needs, closely monitored the time plan and added resources to meet deadlines when needed. The willingness to go that extra mile for customer success was highly appreciated."

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