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Fulfil your business goals with our ERP implementation services

Your ERP implementation journey 

Regardless of where you are in your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) journey, we will guide you through the process to meet your goals. 

Our ERP experts and business process advisors will advise you at every step - from building a business case and selecting the right system, through to implementation and optimisation as your business evolves. 

How can we support you on your ERP Journey? 

Step 1
Assessing ERP readiness

Step 2
ERP system selection

Step 3
ERP implementation

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Step 1: Assessing ERP readiness

You’ve decided that a new or upgraded ERP system is a possible solution for your business. This might be because you have outgrown your current systems, your team is spending too much time on low-value activity or you understand that an enterprise system is essential to future proof your business. 

During this phase, it is essential that you audit your current processes and capabilities, and benchmark them against a target state to ascertain the ideal ERP system to match your requirements. 

This stage can be led internally, providing you have the expertise, or by an experienced third party. 

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Step 2: ERP system selection

At VantagePoint we are uniquely positioned to advise high-growth businesses on how to assess the overcrowded technology market, with a view to matching your business ambitions with systems and processes to fuel that growth. 

We do this by: 

  • Understanding your growth ambitions and the ways you work 
  • Understanding the systems requirements that are critical to meeting your long-term goals 
  • Building the internal support and business case for change 
  • Leveraging our experience to recommend a shortlist of reliable ERP systems that will meet your needs 
  • Leading the formal request for proposal and ERP tender process - from the requirements outline to the evaluation criterion 
  • Making a formal ERP recommendation, based on your unique business needs and goals 
  • Negotiating with vendors and partners for the best-possible value on your behalf. 

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Step 3: ERP implementation 

The success of any new system implementation relies on the quality and methodology of the implementation, just as much as the system itself.  

The implementation process includes essential steps such as:  

  • Requirements gathering 
  • Process mapping 
  • Migration of data 
  • Testing 
  • Training  
  • Deployment 
  • Support. 

It is essential that a structured implementation plan, tailored to your direct business need, is carried out from end to end.  

Benefits of ERP implementation

  • Data accessibility and reliability - Full oversight of all company processes and easy access to live company data 
  • Improved visibility and planning ability - Unprecedented visibility across the business enabling quicker, better-informed decision making 
  • Standardised business process - Automation of the daily monotonous tasks to reduce human error and free your team to focus on the value-add work 
  • Enhanced data and cloud security - Security features include advanced data encryption, multi-factor authentication and password policies 
  • Streamlined compliance - Your ERP can be configured for optimal regulatory compliance 
  • Minimised risk - Both operational and forecasting  
  • Improved efficiency and productivity - Not just departmental but across the business 
  • Improved collaboration - Elimination of information silos as teams are all aligned to the same system 
  • Cost savings - Streamlining of assets and centralising of data ultimately leads to reduced overhead 
  • Improved customer service - Centralised information on the customer enables your sales team to deliver higher-quality customer service. 

Darragh Hurley

Arachas - CFO

"VantagePoint partnered with us to transform our budgeting, planning and forecasting process. With their help we’ve improved our reporting, have great access to real insight and a far more automated process than our previous Excel heavy world. The team’s attention to detail and problem solving abilities made them very easy to work with."

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