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Access to decision making insight on demand

Reporting and dashboarding 

Overly complicated, inconsistent and slow reporting hinders the performance of businesses. The reality is that finance teams need technology to build reports and dashboards that provide clarity of insight and confidence in decision making. 

VantagePoint’s approach allows you to take advantage of our expertise, applied experience and accelerators to find the technology that delivers the reports you need. 

How it works

Step 1
Data driven decision-making

Step 2
Integrating finance and ops data

Step 3
Delivering decision making insight to your wider business

What are the benefits of a connected reporting and dashboarding solution?

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Step 1: Data driven decision making 

Access real-time, automatically collated data that can be easily distributed to all relevant teams. 

VantagePoint’s flexible, enhanced dashboard offering is designed for fast-paced industries where CFOs need to distil essential, up-to-date information rapidly. 

Access real-time, automatically collated data that can be easily distributed to all relevant teams. The data is live and is taken directly from your business’ data sources to present the most up-to-date information. 

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Step 2: Integrating finance and ops data 

Derive insights from your reports, rather than spending all your time creating them. 

Preparing for board meetings is easy, just link your report to the live data, reports are embedded into your PowerPoint slides. 

Microsoft Word integration provides the option to export documentation, such as disclosure documents and reports, directly to PDF.  

For annual, quarterly, monthly, or weekly reporting, your team can build a workflow and approval process, saving valuable quality-assurance time. 

Gain the ability to add narrative and derive insights from your reports, rather than spending all your time creating them. 

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Step 3: Delivering decision making insight to your wider business 

Answers to important questions can be accessed immediately, without the need for rigid reports. 

Put the power of reporting into your team’s hands. A unified solution has a central data hub that can be accessed on demand by anyone, without the need to rely on IT and finance to extrapolate insights. With the self-service reporting model, directors, regional CFOs and shareholders can each be in receipt of the information and can view reports that are relevant to them. 

How can VantagePoint help implement a reporting and dashboarding solution? 

  • A guarantee to find the best reporting and dashboarding system for your business ambitions – at pace  
  • Structured and controlled process documentation enabling you to identify opportunities to streamline and improve reporting 
  • Independent, impartial advice, not tied to any software vendors, focused on your business requirements 
  • Minimised risk of implementing software not fit for purpose  
  • Acceleration of any software implementation due to thorough and comprehensive RFP  
  • In-depth and applied knowledge of the latest trends within technology for the finance function. 

Frida Tidqvist

Nasdaq - Associate Vice President Financial Reporting

"It has been a pleasure from first point of contact to project finalisation to work with VantagePoint. During the entire technology implementation project, we felt comfortable that VantagePoint prioritised us as a customer, understood our needs, closely monitored the time plan and added resources to meet deadlines when needed. The willingness to go that extra mile for customer success was highly appreciated."

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