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A clear roadmap that aligns with and drives your business ambitions

Finance strategy 

Our finance strategy offering will provide you with a detailed assessment of your current state and business maturity. We will then work across all areas of your business to help you define a target state for finance and provide your business with a prioritised list of change initiatives to help you get there. 

At VantagePoint, we aim to accelerate and guide this process, unlocking the value of your finance function and building out a prioritised list of change and transformation projects that enable finance to become the key driver of the business. 

How it works

Step 1

We run an in-depth audit of your finance people, processes and systems and how they meet the needs of the wider business. 

Step 2

We’ll help you clarify your goals and align them with your business objectives. 

Step 3

We’ll present to you a prioritised list of change initiatives. 

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Step 1: Discover 

VantagePoint runs an in-depth audit of your current finance process, technology use, people and teams to understand your existing landscape and limitations and ascertain what other areas of the business require from finance.  

During this stage and throughout the entire process, VantagePoint engages with all levels of the business to help define your ideal target state, identify business value drivers and highlight opportunities to the team.  

The detailed current-state report includes: 

  • Data management, analysis, reporting and insight review 
  • Finance function external benchmarking 
  • Skills and enablement reviews 
  • Business value drivers and opportunities for the finance team 
  • Core finance function process assessment 
  • Culture and ways-of-working assessment. 

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Step 2: Define 

Next, we collaborate with your leadership team to establish where finance can add value and define the ideal future, or target state, to work towards. 

To do this, we analyse your current people, processes and systems using a maturity framework to determine your business’ readiness as well as the actions and priorities required to reach your target state. 

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Step 3: Direct 

We align your technical requirements with your growth strategy and present you with the change initiatives for execution. 

Actions are communicated clearly to the leadership team via an executive report, to enable a direct route to your target state.  

The prioritised list for incremental change initiatives may well include: 

  • Business process mapping 
  • Enterprise architecture 
  • System selection and implementation 
  • Raising capital towards IPO 
  • Digital and finance transformation 
  • Regulatory reporting. 

Benefits of creating a connected finance strategy with VantagePoint 

  • Finance has a clear plan to go from where they are today to a connected finance function that supports and drives the overarching business objectives 
  • Direction on the change initiatives that directly contribute to the business objectives 
  • Visibility on the risk factors associated with your finance strategy 
  • Actionable feedback to optimise your people, process and systems in a format that is boardroom ready 
  • Every project is led by senior-level consultants with in-depth knowledge of best-in-class finance processes and technologies. 

John Harvie

Accelerant - Head of Transformation

"I’d recommend VantagePoint primarily because of the people. The team are strong they bring the right technical, industry and finance function skills."

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