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Elevate your finance function - become investor ready

Raising capital 

How investable is your organisation? You might have ambitions to acquire other businesses or go public, but are you able to raise enough capital to facilitate this? Ahead of investing, prospective investors need to see a lean finance machine; a solid core of streamlined processes connected to technology that delivers access to the right insight and can fuel your business ambitions.  

Do you use an ERP system? What is your organisational maturity and resilience from a people, process and systems perspective? Investors will be looking for businesses who use scalable, flexible and easy-to-use systems that can be depended upon for insight. 

VantagePoint is not here to advise organisations on how to raise capital, but we are highly experienced in helping businesses become investor ready so it is easy for finance leaders to tell a story that will excite investors when they look “under the bonnet.” 

How it works

Step 1
Review your finance function maturity

Step 2
Develop a prioritised list of initiatives



Step 3
Execute prioritised initiatives

Group 350

Step 1: Review your finance function maturity 

First, we need to identify whether you have what you need to raise capital from a people, process and systems perspective, considering your data and insight readiness, and aligning it with your business growth ambitions. 

This will include discovering what you’re not yet ready to do or plan to do at a later point. We build a compelling narrative to reassure investors that there’s a planned path forwards on your maturity journey. 

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Step 2: Prioritise a list of initiatives 

A list of projects will come out of step one which are on the critical path towards fund raising readiness and will inform your finance strategy. These may include:  

  • Business process mapping
  • Governance, risk and control frameworks 
  • Setting up your finance team so roles and responsibilities are clearly defined 
  • Enterprise architecture – ensuring your technology stack aligns with your objectives and drives growth. 

We need to consider how your systems will work together in a seamless, integrated way to deliver outcomes that are automated and cost-effective in the future: this is what investors will be keen to see. 

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Step 3: Execute prioritised initiatives 

Once we have identified the projects in Step two, it’s time for us to help you execute them, whether you’re raising capital from private investors, private equity houses, venture capitalists, family funds or beyond.  

We divide the projects into those that are achievable for your team, then deliver elements of the work ourselves. We help you resource each project, find a project manager, help your team understand their workload, and work towards you raising capital objectives together. 

Benefits of raising capital with VantagePoint 

  • A guarantee that your finance function will assure and excite investors 
  • Our agile methodology delivers value at every milestone – we won’t tie you down to long over ambitious project plans 
  • We’re technology specialists, offering independent advice with applied experience in best-in-class finance technology 
  • Reduce risk by levelling up your business maturity; first class processes, technology and finance insight. 


Lauren Fullerton

PPC - Finance Manager

"VantagePoint are quick to respond if there's a need to change or extend the scope of what they’re doing. They’re small enough to be flexible, but they’ve obviously got enough critical mass to be able to fulfil expectations and requirements."

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