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Our experts are ready to help you manage your sustainability transformation: from data, to training courses, to improving your reporting solutions through better technology, to developing strategies and policies and much, much more – we’re uniquely positioned to do it all. 

Every sustainability journey is different depending on the start and desired end point for each client. Our offering represents best practice delivery and satisfies the need for breadth for sustainable change to be effective and valuable. 

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ESG Labs

Our labs offer a one-day intensive workshop designed to ignite innovation and foster collaboration, providing support and expertise in developing sustainable solutions tailored to your business needs. 

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Transition planning

Transition planning guides your business towards a sustainable future, strategising actionable steps for a seamless shift to more responsible operations. 

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Carbon accounting

Harness the power of our Carbon Accounting service to measure and manage your carbon footprint with precision, using advanced technology for actionable insights towards sustainable change. 

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Materiality assessment

Our materiality assessment identifies and prioritises the sustainability issues most impactful to your business and its stakeholders, informing strategic decision-making and reporting. 

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Our reporting service delivers clear, concise sustainability insights, ensuring your environmental achievements are communicated effectively to stakeholders. 

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Our Strategy service crafts tailored, forward-thinking sustainability roadmaps, positioning your business for resilience and growth in a rapidly evolving global landscape. 

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B Corp Certification

B Corp certification is the gold standard in environmental and social governance. Get your organisation B Corp certified, with our support. 

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"I found the team at VantagePoint very professional, easy to talk to, easy to get on with, available and very good at giving you updates." 

Robert Hart

VP Group Finance

"Cutting the time for this process by 13 days had the knock on effect of decreasing our team’s overtime in July from 33 days last year to five days this year"

Karin Booysen

Financial Accounting Specialist

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Learn how Aferian plc unified their people, systems, and processes.

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Discover how Accelerant became a technology led InsurTech unicorn.

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