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Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

Growing market volatility necessitates an agile and modern finance function: your finance team needs access to enhanced financial modelling software with numerous dimensions. Clean, centralised and granular data must be in order to make accurate and reliable predictions for your company.


Using a single platform that covers the entire budgeting, forecasting & planning process means you can gain full visibility into your business’ current and future performance. From project budgetary reviews to sales forecasting and workforce planning, enable use cases you don’t currently do, while mitigating data-handling errors.

Enhanced decision making

Data-orientated decision making brings concrete value to any organisation: from start-ups to multinational enterprises, the ability to ensure your short- and long-term goals are accurately configured and tracked is paramount.

With VantagePoint’s financial planning and analysis (FP&A) process, detailed profitability analysis can inform your organisation on the right direction to take, while helping your team become agile and responsive to change.


Powerful Planning

With Excel-based financial modelling, finance teams are increasingly limited by:


File errors and/or software crashes


Terminology inconsistencies


Collaboration problems


Security &
access issues


The inability to rapidly adjust

Choose a budgeting and planning tool with scaleable what-if analysis options for adaptive and interactive scenario planning and realise industry-specific insights.

Eliminate human error by automating regular manual tasks, reduce process-cycle time, and gain more time and resources for more important projects.

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Accessible reporting

With readable data visualisation & reporting options, integrated business planning and decision making is made possible.

Financial and operational teams can now align actions based on consolidated, digestible data and relaying the real fiscal impact of market trends changes to stakeholders is simplified.