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One-day workshops designed to give you the latest insights into Global Minimum Threshold (Pillar 2)

What is GMT Labs?

GMT Labs are one day workshop sessions designed to assess your organisation’s readiness to the introduction and implications of the Global Minimum Tax (Pillar 2) directive. Through a mixture of presentations and interactive activities, we explore the impact of GMT on your tax reporting processes and explore strategies to adapt to the changing landscape. 

Why do I need GMT Labs?

With the implementation of GMT, businesses across various sectors are facing significant changes in their tax reporting obligations, primarily due to the introduction of new data and reporting requirements. 

GMT Labs offer an opportunity to stay ahead of the changes and ensure your organisation remains compliant and well-prepared for the future. By attending GMT Labs you can gain valuable insights from industry experts, understand the implications for your business and finance function and explore the available solutions to address your specific needs.  

How does it work?

Step 1
Understand the GMT (Pillar 2) landscape

Step 2
Organisational assessment and review

Step 3
Next steps: technology and systems

Step 4
Next steps: people and process

What will be covered?


Understand the GMT (Pillar 2) landscape

An in-depth overview of the Global Minimum Tax (GMT) or Pillar II directive and its implications for businesses.


Organisational assessment

An assessment of your current tax reporting processes and identification of gaps and areas of improvement


Next steps: technology and systems

A look into the available technology solutions and systems for streamlining GMT/Pillar 2 reporting and compliance efforts.  


Next steps: people and process

Development of strategies to prepare from a people and process perspective and our high-level recommendations on compliance going forward.

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