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Select systems that elevate your finance function

System selection 

We will help you choose the most suitable technologies on the market, that align with your business ambitions, within a matter of weeks, not months. 

We enable finance functions to take control. Together we overcome the inertia prevalent within technology selection that leaves finance teams frustrated by legacy systems that are unfit-for-purpose, and unable to provide adequate insight to make decisions. 

Our rigorous selection process, combined with applied knowledge of best-in-class finance technology, puts us in a unique position to give CFOs independent advice and clear direction on which technologies are best suited with an implementation roadmap to make it a reality. 

How it works

Step 1
Requirements gathering

Document the business-critical requirements of today and tomorrow. 

Step 2

Analyse best-in-class technology that meets your requirements.

Step 3

Follow an objective selection process that unites stakeholders. 

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Step 1: Requirements gathering like you’ve never experienced 

Dividing your business into process owners, our consultants run workshops designed to understand, in fine detail, the processes that make up your business. During these workshops we discuss: 

  • What activities and processes you are currently using your systems for 
  • What challenges and pain points you have with your systems 
  • What ideal or future requirements you have.  

Using a proven methodology, we then document and prioritise your goals and present these to you giving you full visibility of what your core requirements are across multiple business functions. 

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Step 2: Shortlisting best-in-class solutions

Based on your prioritised list of requirements (often 300+), our technology specialists analyse the market to shortlist three vendors we know can fulfil your requirements and meet our high standards. 

Our consultants will then create a comprehensive request for proposal (RFP) that gives all the vital context a vendor requires to give you a high degree of accuracy for your implementation, when it comes to: 

  • Investment level 
  • Timeline 
  • Functionality 
  • Flexibility. 

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Step 3: Selection process that is truly objective 

Our selection process relies on objectivity focused on your needs as well as your overarching business goals.  

The survey we have designed re-engineers the demo process from being a sales tool for software vendors into a reliable and quantifiable selection method. 

Each process owner is given a survey with which to score each system based on the demo and their specific requirements. Our consultants collate this into a scorecard so your project lead can objectively assess which vendor is best suited to your business. 

Benefits of system selection with VantagePoint 

  • A guarantee to find the best systems for your business ambitions – at pace 
  • In-depth and applied knowledge of the latest trends within technology for the finance function. 
  • Independent and impartial advice, not tied to any software vendors, focused on your business requirements 
  • Minimised risk of implementing software not fit for purpose 
  • Structured and controlled process documentation enabling you to identify opportunities to streamline 
  • Acceleration of any software implementation due to thorough and comprehensive RFP. 


Stuart Sinclair

Halma Plc - Finance Technology Manager

"Straight from the kick-off we had confidence that VantagePoint would deliver...

We are delighted to have continued our strong relationship post delivery and would have no hesitation in considering VantagePoint for future projects."

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