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Get your people, processes and systems ready to go public

IPO readiness 

Our consultative approach gives your finance function the support it needs to make the transition from private to public. The demands of a public organisation differ greatly from their private counterparts.  

With more stringent reporting and regulatory requirements, auditability and accuracy become paramount. Let VantagePoint take your finance function on the maturity journey it needs for IPO success. 

How it works

Step 1
Identify objectives and assess timelines

Step 2
Evaluate current organisational maturity

Step 3
Plan your finance strategy

Step 4
Execute your roadmap to IPO

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Step 1: Identify objectives and assess timelines 

Companies planning to become listed will need to start readying for IPO with plenty of time to spare – the whole process is often started years in advance. 

Therefore, our first step is to understand your timelines; 18 months away from IPO will give us a very different approach to a three year deadline. This gives us a guide for the pace of your journey towards IPO.

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Step 2: Evaluate current organisation maturity 

All findings will be delivered via our in-depth and easy to follow assessment framework.  

The goal is to establish exactly where your business is now to better understand your target state.

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Step 3: Plan your finance strategy 

A list of projects will come out of step two which are on the critical path towards IPO readiness and will inform your finance strategy. These might include: business process documentation, governance, risk and control frameworks, and setting up your finance team so roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.   

We need to consider how your systems will work together in a seamless, integrated way to deliver outcomes that are automated and cost-effective in the future. 

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Step 4: Execute your roadmap to IPO 

Once we have identified the projects in step four, it’s time for us to help you execute them, steering you towards taking your organisation public.  

We help you to understand what can be delivered internally versus involving third parties. We define roles and responsibilities and ensure the scope of work is fully understood and appreciated.

Benefits of IPO readiness with VantagePoint

  • Guarantee that people, process and systems requirements for IPO will be completed to an exceptional standard 
  • Take advantage of accelerators to help you complete IPO projects quickly   
  • Identify governance, risks and controls factors for key systems and processes 
  • Get strategic architecture in place that is IPO ready and scalable   
  • Focus on value-add activity and contribute towards your whole business' IPO readiness  
  • Manage technology transformation projects to navigate increased requirements. 


Stuart Sinclair

Halma Plc - Finance Technology Manager

"Straight from the kick-off we had confidence that VantagePoint would deliver...

We are delighted to have continued our strong relationship post delivery and would have no hesitation in considering VantagePoint for future projects."

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