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Are your legacy systems fit for purpose?

Digital finance transformation  

Whether your finance function is spending too much valuable time on manual spreadsheet-based repetitive tasks, or your reliance on legacy systems makes it impossible to access a single source of truth – there are many reasons to consider digital finance transformation at your business. 

By replacing manual processes with an automated, connected environment, your whole business can benefit from reduced costs, improved reporting, scalable systems and a more productive, motivated finance function.  

Let us help you select an approach and technology strategy that’s right for your future business needs.

How it works

Step 1
Imagine, strategise and advise

Step 2
Deliver, act and manage

Step 3
Run, monitor and tune

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Step 1: Imagine, strategise and advise 

First, we combine finance strategy and enterprise architecture with our unique CFO Labs service to strategise the futureproofing of your business. 

We speak to all members of the C-suite and beyond to establish your overarching game plan: what are the key principles or outcomes you want to achieve? This might involve looking at your acquisition strategy for the next 12 months or plans to restructure your operations team.  

From there, we can design a business roadmap plotted to your strategic objectives to better understand the role we need to play. 

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Step 2: Deliver, act and manage 

During step two we look at the projects that came out of the roadmap and bring them to life. This might involve creating business cases, supplier selection, reviewing technologies to implement and processes to map, amongst other requirements. 

We work closely with business leads to deliver these projects, and set up a finance transformation team that meets regularly to assess progress. During these meetings, we hand over change initiatives as and when they are started or completed, and bring all stakeholders together to oversee the transformation. 

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Step 3: Run, monitor and support 

Once the digital finance transformation project has finished, you’ll benefit from our managed services, ensuring everything that was achieved in step two continues to add value to your business. 

We ensure that support is close at hand – we are always at the end of the phone. This could involve systems upgrade support, or just the reassurance that you have built-in additional capacity from experts you can rely on.

Benefits of digital finance transformation with VantagePoint 

  • Streamline and consolidate your systems landscape 
  • Focus your finance function – your valuable team spend more time thinking and adding value and less time doing 
  • Gain an up-to-date view of the market don't waste time in countless hours of demos and evaluation 
  • Benefit from newer enterprise applications that reduce risk and scale 
  • Find more cost-effective methods to help run business activity - lower total cost of ownership   
  • Vastly improve the quality and accuracy of your reporting, ensuring that systems underpin processes to give you faster insights. 


Frida Tidqvist

Nasdaq - Associate Vice President Financial Reporting

"It has been a pleasure from first point of contact to project finalisation to work with VantagePoint. During the entire technology implementation project, we felt comfortable that VantagePoint prioritised us as a customer, understood our needs, closely monitored the time plan and added resources to meet deadlines when needed. The willingness to go that extra mile for customer success was highly appreciated."

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