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Itishri Singh

Itishri Singh


For Itishri Singh, championing women in tech and broadening her horizons has never been something to shy away from; the sky's the limit, glass ceiling or no glass ceiling! So, when faced with the chance to veer down a slightly different career path after successfully running her own business, how did she take these new challenges and turn them into opportunities? In her career story, Itishri goes through this in more detail and talks about what compelled her to try something new with VantagePoint.

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John Fuggles

John Fuggles

Partnership Manager

Like technology, the ever-evolving world of sales can be dynamic with a plethora of problem-solving opportunities to dive into. And with over 15 years of experience in this industry, Partnership Manager John Fuggles, knows this very well. In his story, John takes us through his career journey to date, and demonstrates how he has been able to transfer the relationship building skills gained throughout his career, to his commitments outside the office.

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Sarah Palmer

Sarah Palmer

Business Development

Business development can be a fast paced and driven role, but what about when you throw taking care of a young family into the mix? How do the skills gained from parenting shape and benefit a person within the working world? Our Business Development Representative, Sarah Palmer, discusses all this and more in her VantagePoint career story.

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Billy Haworth

Head of Engagement Management

Our Head of Engagement Management, Billy Haworth, joined VantagePoint after experiencing life as a consultant in the Big Four. So how does consultancy at a smaller company compare? In his career story, Billy takes us through his consultancy journey to date, gives us an insight into how he maintains a healthy work-life balance and shares with us his three desert island must haves!

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Ife Akintoye

Ife Akintoye

Head of Marketing

Climbing the career ladder as a woman can be tough, but what about when there are additional elements, besides gender, that are making that ascent slightly more challenging? Equity within the workplace is the art of understanding that there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’.

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Chai Venkattesh

GRC Practice Lead

As VantagePoint’s GRC Practice Lead, Chaitra Venkattesh is no stranger to taking risks and overcoming challenges when it comes to navigating the world of finance and technology. In this career story, Chaitra delves into the nuances of leadership, the power of effective time management and what keeps her focused, motivated and inspired.

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