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Prepare your finance function for M&A activity

M&A readiness 

Preparing for M&A activity is demanding. Getting this right can make or break a transaction. 

Depending on the scale of the transaction, and whether you’re a listed or private company, there will be regulatory hoops that you need to jump through first. Let VantagePoint’s experts help your business prepare for acquisitive growth. 

How it works 

Step 1
Align on your acquisition ambitions

Step 2
Choose your specific acquisition integration

Step 3
Execute post-merger projects

Group 332

Step 1: Align on your acquisition ambitions 

The first step is about general readiness: VantagePoint needs to understand your goals, such as the size, scale and complexity of businesses you wish to acquire. 

Understanding your acquisition timeline will help us create a plan that allows for a streamlined integration. 

We’ll run a maturity assessment of your finance function to gauge readiness with a focus on the objectives you want to achieve. We’ll then present a roadmap of prioritised change initiatives that are necessary for you to reach your objectives. 

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Step 2: Choose your specific acquisition integration 

At this stage, we identify your exact integration requirements, working backwards from an acquisition date. 

VantagePoint assesses and reviews the wider business, asking questions to various departments. This will help us create a plan. 

The plan we end up with will centre around people, process and technology: what can you do to build synergy in these areas as your business expands? 

Then we help you execute your new plan for acquisitive growth.

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Step 3: Execute post-merger projects 

Now we’ll help you in the early days of making acquisitions.   

We'll identify business synergies and plan incremental improvements that will be achievable for your team. 

We will mobilise and guide each project to achieve your acquisition objectives.  

Benefits of working with VantagePoint to improve your M&A readiness 

  • Gain a detailed, prioritised plan for being an acquisitive business including your vision, assessment and roadmap 
  • Enable smooth integration and a more streamlined transaction 
  • Prepare your finance function to scale post acquisition 
  • Avoid duplication headaches and consider questions like group finance functions, shared service centres and technology synergies 
  • Avoid additional costs and unexpected delays associated with a lack of systems architecture visibility. 

Naomi Ingram

Aferian - Financial Controller

"We first started with VantagePoint to do a project to help us determine our finance strategy. We've got a growth plan over the next five years but we needed a finance strategy to go alongside that. We're quite a lean finance team so if you're trying to do a big transformation project, reaching out and using consultants makes a big difference."

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