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Is your business ready for IFRS reporting?

IFRS compliance 

The January 2023 go-live date is upon us: how IFRS 17-compliant is your organisation? With an increased market and board focus on IFRS 17 implementations, we’re here to help prepare your business. 

The VantagePoint process to IFRS 17 compliance 

To protect consumers, insurance companies must adhere to solvency standards represented in four pillars: 

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Group 339

Step 1: Understand 

Get an in-depth understanding of the relevant IFRS reporting standard and what it will mean to your business.

Group 333

Step 2: Scope

We'll understand the various data sources, teams and SMEs that will need to engage with the project for you to become compliant.


Group 322

Step 3: Initiate

We'll provide training and guidance to help grow your team's confidence with the processes and skills they need to develop. 


Group 327

Step 4: Implement

We'll implement a market leading technology solution that will assist you in working towards a regulatory deadline.


Why choose VantagePoint? 

VantagePoint has unique experience of working with insurance companies, focusing on the implementation of regulatory and accounting change programmes. 

Through our business partnerships across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, we are perfectly positioned to help your business with IFRS reporting. We bring a wealth of experience in developing solutions for insurance businesses and, more importantly, solutions that can fit seamlessly into your existing architecture. 

We believe in your organisation owning, managing and supporting itself, once we've provided you with the IFRS reporting systems you need. This approach means it will be your business teams who see the real benefit, without requiring input from IT. 

Rowan Eatough

Accelerant - Head of FP&A

"There's a lot of experience within the business.

VantagePoint's ability to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in and help out, has been much more significant than I've experienced before. Their willingness to provide a viable solution has been strong."

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