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A fast and compliant multi-level financial consolidation process is possible with VantagePoint. Reviewing your internal financial close processes, systems and software, VantagePoint can empower your finance team by minimising daily frustrations and streamlining the entire accounting process.


Make your system robust

Automated data validation, eliminations and adjustments, and integrity checks centralise the full audit trail, thereby reducing the number of days to close.

Remove the need to undertake cumbersome worksheet updates and error-prone manual workarounds with a robust all-in-one consolidation platform. With fewer options for error, your finance team has more time to dedicate to strategic planning.

Make your system flexible

Run reports quickly and seamlessly. Whether it’s management or an investor that needs answers, provide them with the insights they need with speed, accuracy & ease.

This way, informed decisions can be made based on real-time reports, leaving your finance team to dedicate more attention to high-value tasks.

Numerous group structures and hierarchies are easily and readily available, making VantagePoint’s financial-close software appropriate for enterprise organisations as well as smaller, specialist companies.

And multiple ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) and data sources are swiftly integrated, reclaiming hours previously wasted on slow data transfers.

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Make your system transparent

Gain complete fiscal visibility with a financial consolidation software that has the capability to drill down to each post, document or transaction view. Automate reporting packs delivery to C-suite stakeholders and wider teams.

Remain both accurate and compliant across the entire financial consolidation process and prepare financial statements reliably and rapidly every month, quarter, or year end with VantagePoint.