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Take action to get your ESG disclosures in place 

Develop a robust ESG strategy 

ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) is a set of metrics that measure a company’s impact on society and the environment, as well as assessing its ethical behaviour as a business.  

With investors increasingly looking at ESG factors when investing in a company, putting an ESG strategy in place now will help you prepare for the future.  Make a positive impact on the outcomes your business generates, meet forthcoming legislation requirements and secure potential long-term growth for your business, with help from VantagePoint.  

How it works

Step 1
Establish an ESG framework

Step 2
Conduct departmental interviews

Step 3
Metric analyses, standardisation and reporting

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Step 1: Establish an ESG framework 

We work with you to determine a framework that outlines your ESG vision and formulate a comprehensive roadmap detailing how you plan to get there. 

  • Establish the ESG priorities important to your business 
  • Scope where your competitors stand in comparison to your organisation 
  • Determine the topics you want to prioritise across your business. 

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Step 2: Departmental interviews 

Our team of experts work with key departments in your business to understand what initiatives are already in place, and how these can be optimised to demonstrate tangible results.   

  • What are you already doing well? 
  • Where can you improve? 
  • Where are the gaps? 

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Step 3: Metric analyses and standardisation 

We work with you to determine how you will report on the material outputs of your company and what format this will take. 

  • Agree goals 
  • Set metrics to assess performance 
  • Determine timings and deadlines 
  • Establish what to report on and how this information will be communicated. 

Benefits of creating a connected finance strategy with VantagePoint 

 VantagePoint guides you through ESG regulations using a proven system to collect, collate and report ESG data: 
  • Ensuring compliancy with forthcoming legislation 
  • Automatically mapping disclosures to your chosen frameworks 
  • Automating repetitive, time-consuming, manual reporting 
  • Adding a competitive edge to your business to attract business investors 
  • Working towards a more sustainable business model.

Robert Hart

Aferian - VP Group Finance

"I found the team at VantagePoint very professional, easy to talk to, easy to get on with, available and very good at giving you updates." 

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