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 With investors increasingly looking at ESG factors when investing in a company, putting an ESG strategy in place now will help you prepare for the future.   

Make a positive impact on the outcomes your business generates, meet forthcoming legislation requirements and secure potential long-term growth for your business, with help from VantagePoint.    

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Investor ESG readiness reports 

Create easy-to-interpret, yet beautiful, reports that provide all your ESG information – while complying with ESG requirements. 



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Investor engagement 

Incorporating ESG into your investment analysis and decision-making processes allows you to improve investor engagement and understanding of your practices. Tell the story of progress on your ESG journey and allow potential investors to see the value your business creates through its ongoing commitment to sustainable practice.  

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"I found the team at VantagePoint very professional, easy to talk to, easy to get on with, available and very good at giving you updates." 

Robert Hart

VP Group Finance

"Cutting the time for this process by 13 days had the knock on effect of decreasing our team’s overtime in July from 33 days last year to five days this year"

Karin Booysen

Financial Accounting Specialist

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Discover how Accelerant became a technology led InsurTech unicorn.

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