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Transform your governance, risk, and controls environment

Governance, risk, and controls 

Governance, risk, and controls refers to an organisation's approach to developing and managing four components: 

  1. Corporate governance policies 
  2. Governance and risk management processes 
  3. Compliance initiatives. 
  4. Risk management reporting. 


Put simply, boards and management are constantly being challenged to achieve greater transparency, objectivity, and compliance as new laws and regulations are introduced. Failure to adequately address risk and control issues, or to deal with regulatory compliance, can lead to irreversible reputational damage. 

Our team are here to transform your approach to risk management and to ensure you have the technology to enhance reporting, making it automated, flexible and scalable. 

How it works

Step 1
Define risk management maturity

Step 2
Develop controls framework

Step 3
Enhance reporting

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Step 1: Define risk management maturity 

Our consultants will lead a series of workshops to assess the maturity of your risk management processes. 

The four phases of maturity are: 

  1. No risks defined 
  2. Risks defined for some areas of the business but not clearly documented with an immature testing mechanism 
  3. Risks are clearly documented for all areas of the business, but reporting requires heavy manual workload 
  4. Risks are mapped against processes and reporting is automated, easy to manage and scalable. 

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Step 2: Develop controls framework 

Providing your business isn’t sitting at level four maturity, the next step is to develop a controls framework that ensures compliance against the chosen framework your business is regulated by. 

This will involve interviewing process owners to identify and document any gaps in disclosures and mapping these risks against your processes.

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Step 3: Enhance reporting 

Using best-in-class technology, we help to establish: 

  • Clear processes to centralise your data 
  • Flexible reports that are trusted, connected and automated 
  • A proactive risk mentality within the team. 

This automation gives your team time back to devote more resources to deriving insight from that data and making key business decisions. 

Benefits of VantagePoint's governance, risk, and controls offering

  • Design and implement a robust and mature controls framework
  • Consolidate risk management data collection to provide a single source of truth
  • Implement technology to enable automation
  • Decrease organisational risk by creating an effective audit and control environment
  • Develop a proactive risk mentality across all the teams. 

Rowan Eatough

Accelerant - Head of FP&A

"There's a lot of experience within the business.

VantagePoint's ability to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in and help out, has been much more significant than I've experienced before. Their willingness to provide a viable solution has been strong."

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