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Reporting & Dashboarding

Manual reporting is error prone and risky. Is your business heavily reliant on Microsoft Excel or legacy systems for reporting on key financial metrics?

Complicated, inconsistent reporting can hinder the performance of finance teams. Manual month-end reporting can take significant amounts of time and resource to assemble, and is prone to human error.


VantagePoint’s approach is to advise you on how to improve your month-end processes. This goes beyond simple reporting to complete month-end optimisation by:

  • Automating your reports.
  • Deriving valuable insights from your reporting.
  • Increasing the speed and efficiency of your month-end reporting cycle.
  • Creating source traceability to help with auditing.

Customisable, real-time dashboards

VantagePoint’s flexible, enhanced dashboard offering is designed for fast-paced industries where CFOs need to distill essential, up-to-date financial information rapidly.

Access real-time, automatically collated data that can be easily distributed to all relevant teams. The data is taken directly from your business’ data sources and is shown in real time to present the most up-to-date information.


What’s the difference between a finance dashboard & finance report?

A dashboard is a representation of your real-time situation. It is built to show your organisation where you are right now and to provide a high-level overview.

A report usually features historic, retrospective data. It represents a snapshot of a specific area of your organisation and is delivered periodically.

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Flexible data visualisation options


Preparing for board meetings is easy - link your data to the software live data. Reports are embedded into your PowerPoint slides.


Microsoft Word integration provides the option to print documentation, such as disclosure documents and reports, directly to PDF.


For annual, quarterly, monthly or weekly reporting, your team can build a workflow and approval process, saving valuable quality-assurance time.


Gain the ability to add narrative and derive insights from your reports, rather than spending all of your time creating them.




Essential insights for your wider team

Put the power of reporting into your team’s hands. A unified solution has a central data hub that can be accessed on demand by anyone, without the need to rely on IT and finance to extrapolate insights. With the self-service reporting model, directors, regional CFOs and shareholders can each be in receipt of the information, and can view reports that are relevant to them.

Answers to important questions can be accessed immediately, without the need for rigid reports.

If you’d like to learn more about VantagePoint's reporting and dashboarding platform, speak to one of our specialists today.