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Transforming Reporting
with CCH® Tagetik and
Microsoft® Power BI

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Are you a customer of CCH® Tagetik?

In which case, you already benefit from a software solution that delivers optimised finance operations.

Having immediate access to insight has never been more important for your business. Get free access to the workshop recording to hear how the combination of CCH® Tagetik and Power BI by Microsoft® offers extended capabilities and transformation of your reporting.

In this workshop, you will hear about:

  1. Insight on demand: Learn how this combination offers on-demand insights to all areas of your business
  2. Achieving a single source of truth: Discover the power of a unified datahub and reporting
  3. Data-driven decision-making: See how harnessing the power of your data enables rapid data driven decision making

Get free access to the workshop recording


Your hosts

Matt Benaron (1)

Matt Benaron

Director at VantagePoint

Matt has extensive experience implementing finance solutions across multiple sectors. He is a CIMA-qualified chartered accountant with experience across varying finance systems as a solutions architect.


Alexander Hermes

Principal Consultant at CCH® Tagetik

With over 8 years CCH® Tagetik project experience in FP&A, Alex has gained insights into many different industries. In his role he ensures that the solution architecture reflects the business requirements.

Liam OBrien_BW

Liam O'Brien

Commercial Director at VantagePoint

Liam draws on his experience in data-management software, business development, and consulting to lead the VantagePoint commercial team.