FAQs about VantagePoint and Finance Transformation


Frequently Asked Questions about VantagePoint


What services do you offer?
Consulting services including: financial consulting, finance and digital transformation, compliance and regulatory preparedness, systems and process auditing and planning, advisory services, and software implementation for the corporate and SME's office of finance. Regulatory reporting (IFRS and Solvency II) readiness as well as finance systems and process audits.

What financial conduct boards is VantagePoint a member of? Are you regulated by the FCA?
VantagePoint has FCAA Accountants and Management Accounts with ACCA.


Who do you work with? What types of clients do you specialize in? What size companies do you typically work with?
VantagePoint provides solutions to a variety of clients from FTSE 100 insurers to small software providers.

What's the process for starting a consultancy project?
If you're interested in improving your finance function and the value it creates for your wider business please reach out so we can understand more about your needs.


How long does the finance transformation process take? How quickly will my business see change?

VantagePoint focuses on the specific challenges of your business; these challenges can consist of anything from short advisory engagements to complete and ongoing finance transformation. Engagement and support can vary massively depending on size – at the smaller end of the scale 2-3 months.


Is there a charge for the first appointment?
There is no charge for the first appointment.


Do you work with non-profit organisations?
Yes, VantangePoint works with non-profit organisations and charities.


How can my company afford financial transformation or financial consultancy when we're struggling?
At VantagePoint, we pride ourselves on project efficiency and, as attested by our previous partners, represents tremendous value for money. It's our goal to generate value by identifying and instilling efficiencies in cost and time savings. Even when a company is struggling a small upfront investment in improving key financial processes will re-allocate time to value-add work and offer insight into where the company might be going wrong.


Do you sign non-disclosure agreements?
Yes, in the interest of preserving propriety information and data security, VantagePoint signs and/or provides NDAs.


Frequently Asked Questions about Finance Transformation


What is finance transformation?

Finance transformation is the combination of process, system and cultural change across a business, implemented through new technologies, training and analysis.


What is IFRS 17?

IFRS 17 is a set of new compliance & regulation guidelines for insurance contracts beginning on or after 1 January 2023. IFRS 17 replaces IFRS 4 on 1 January 2022.


Who does IFRS 17 apply to?

IFRS 17 will apply to any company that reports under the IFRS reporting procedures.