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Prepare your finance
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IPO process

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What does it take to build a finance function for a successful IPO process?

In this live workshop recording, we pick the brains of Integral Ad Science's Chief Accounting Officer, Anil Sukumaran, who last year led a successful IPO and has extensive experience working in businesses that have scaled rapidly.

Learn from VantagePoint Director, Matt Benaron, as he presents the blueprint for assessing and optimising your systems and processes so you can launch an IPO with confidence. 

With the combined knowledge and skills of three experts, you'll receive a clear outline on how to build your finance function for optimal IPO readiness. 

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In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • The most important factors for a successful IPO
  • The biggest demand on the finance function, pre-IPO
  • How long you will need to prepare for an IPO (and when it's best to begin)
  • The processes and controls you will need to improve, pre-IPO 
  • The common mistakes CFOs make when preparing for IPO, and how to avoid them
  • The skills or traits to look for when hiring new staff pre-IPO.

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Your hosts

Matt Benaron (1)

Matt Benaron

Director at VantagePoint

Matt has extensive experience implementing finance solutions across multiple sectors. He is a CIMA-qualified chartered accountant with experience across varying finance systems as a solutions architect.

Anil Sukumaran

Anil Sukumaran

CAO at Integral Ad Science (IAS)

Anil led the successful completion of the IAS' IPO in January 2021 whilst scaling the accounting and finance function to handle public company reporting, optimise close processes and help build internal controls foundation. He has also worked as Head of Technical Accounting and Reporting at Roivant and Technical Advisor for EY.

Dav Masaon

Dav Masaon

Founding Partner at Zanda

With over 15 years of recruitment experience, Dav quickly rose up the ranks at a global FTSE recruitment firm, recruiting leadership roles across different sectors and providing strategic direction.