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Consulting Process

Do you feel prepared for the technology and process changes needed to meet your business objectives? If you're tired of reactionary planning instead of looking to the future, VantagePoint consulting services can help you get ahead.

By reviewing your current process, VantagePoint’s finance transformation experts can build a roadmap that ensures your tools and technology are fit for purpose.

Our work with Accelerant

HubSpot Video

  • VantagePoint partnered with us to transform our budgeting, planning and forecasting process. With their help we’ve improved our reporting, have great access to real insight and a far more automated process than our previous Excel heavy world. The team’s attention to detail and problem solving abilities made them very easy to work with.

    Darragh Hurley CFO, Arachas

  • Straight from the kick-off we had confidence that VantagePoint would deliver...

    We are delighted to have continued our strong relationship post delivery and would have no hesitation in considering VantagePoint for future projects.

    Stuart Sinclair Finance Technology Manager, Halma Plc

  • There's a lot of experience within the business.

    VantagePoint's ability to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in and help out, has been much more significant than I've experienced before. Their willingness to provide a viable solution has been strong.

    Rowan Eatough Head of FP&A, Accelerant

  • I found the team at VantagePoint very professional, easy to talk to, easy to get on with, available and very good at giving you updates. 

    Robert Hart VP Group Finance, Aferian

  • We first started with VantagePoint to do a project to help us determine our finance strategy. We've got a growth plan over the next five years but we needed a finance strategy to go alongside that. We're quite a lean finance team so if you're trying to do a big transformation project, reaching out and using consultants makes a big difference.

    Naomi Ingram Financial Controller, Aferian

Step 1: Discover

VantagePoint runs an in-depth audit of your current finance process, technology use and culture to understand your existing landscape and limitations. Reviewing the overall finance systems landscape allows us to identify bottlenecks, manual or error-prone touchpoints, existing risks and opportunities for improvement.

During this stage and throughout the entire process, VantagePoint engages with all levels of the business, to help define your ideal target state. The ‘discover’ stage is focused on assessing the technology, support and people you need for growth.

The detailed current-state report includes:

• Data management, analysis, reporting and insight review
• Finance function external benchmarking
• Skills and enablement reviews
• Core finance function process assessment
• Culture and ways-of-working assessment


Step 2: Define

Next, we validate your requirements in a meaningful way: we'll help you clarify your goals and align them with your vision, collaborating with the leadership team to define the ideal future or target state.

The aim of the 'define' stage is to find opportunities for developing your ideal finance function and present them to the leadership team.

To do this, we analyse your current people, processes and systems using a maturity framework comprised of up to 250 metrics, including:

• Scalability of solutions
• Modular technology architecture
• Data quality and data integrity
• Key dependency and critical path assessment
• Business continuity and stress-management plan

This determines your business’ readiness as well as the actions and priorities required to reach your target state.

From here, we can develop a tailored process and systems roadmap that aligns not just with the Office of Finance but IT, Operations and the organisation’s strategic direction.


Step 3: Initiate

Finally, we'll present you with the change initiatives for execution.

By turning opportunities into tangible outputs, we can align your technical requirements with your growth strategy. Actions are communicated clearly to the leadership team via an executive report, to enable a clear route to objectives for the finance teams.

The prioritised list of future state initiatives includes:

• Future state definition
• Executive summary
• Discovery replay – observations and assessment
• Proposed change initiatives
• Interview analysis and trends
• Survey outputs and visualisation
• Risks and mitigation actions
• Process and systems roadmap

How long does it take?

We know once you've made the decision to invest in finance transformation, you want to see results fast. That's why we focus on getting things moving quickly.

In a matter of weeks, we can have your process and systems roadmap ready and implement stakeholder requirements to start making noticeable improvements. Our aim is to help you become a modern and highly valuable finance function quickly.

Is it right for you?

Perhaps you're struggling to keep up with your business' ambitious growth plans? Maybe your people are spending too much time on lower-value work? Or it could be your lack of modern solutions is damaging your competitive edge?

If so, VantagePoint’s consulting process could be the step you need to keep your organisation moving forward. Explore your consultation options, and speak to one of our specialists today.