CFO Playbook - How to avoid becoming
another finance transformation horror story!


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Do you know the four most common pitfalls of finance transformation projects?

Matt Benaron, Director at VantagePoint,  was recently interviewed in The Raconteur, featured in The Sunday Times, discussing why so many finance transformation projects falter, fail or go vastly over budget. He also reveals the secrets to identifying and avoiding these key mistakes during your own projects.

In The Future CFO 2022 article, Matt covers:

  • Why CFOs must avoid the "band-aid approach" with finance technology
  • How to align your  finance function more closely with the business' ambitions
  • How to secure stakeholder buy-in at every level for new technology.

The Future CFO 2022 also includes articles from award winning journalists who regularly feature in the Guardian, The Observer and Business Insider.

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