B Corp certification

B Corp certification is fast becoming the pinnacle of sustainability, equity, inclusivity and environmental compliance for businesses. As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, B Corp assesses and certifies businesses based on being socially, environmentally and legally responsible and transparent in their practices.  

B Corp uses the B Impact Assessment to certify organisations and is designed as a holistic assessment of your practices against B Corp’s standardised framework.  

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Benefits of B Corp certification 

B Corp certification comes with benefits for all stakeholders of your organisation. It is a broad and all-encompassing view of your business practices and certifies that they meet a high standard.

B Corp certification benefits your organisation and your stakeholders by: 

  • Improving the level of customer loyalty and trust through transparency 
  • Allowing you to measure and track your achievements towards your social and environmental goals 
  • Differentiating your business from others in the market, giving customers the ability to choose businesses which align with their own values
  • Helping you to attract and retain the best talent in the marketplace
  • Attracting clients that are aligned with your organisation’s values
  • Providing access to a community of organisations with similar values and goals for support. 

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B Corp support process 

B Corp certification can feel like a mountain to climb – especially considering their framework reviews your organisation’s activities holistically, which can often involve many departments and stakeholders.  

VantagePoint can help manage your B Corp certification, from initial assessment, through to cyclical re-certification and overall improvement in B Score. 

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BIA baseline

We start by looking at your baseline score to identify immediately areas for improvement to reach the goal number of 83. It also helps give an idea of how much work is needed; whether you’re starting on 20 or 70 points, we can help you get there. 

Roadmap to 83

Although the minimum number of points needed to receive certification is 80, B Corp recommends aiming for 83. This is to account for any potential points lost during the assessment process, providing a safety net to increase likelihood of being certified. 

Improvement plan

We will work with you to create a comprehensive improvement plan, focusing on the areas identified in your BIA as most in need.  

Implementation and management

We’ll work alongside you throughout the certification process, holding you to account and ensuring you meet your own deadlines for improvement until certification is achieved. 

Continuous improvement

Your B Corp journey doesn’t end at implementation. B Corp is keen on a process of continuous improvement and certification must be renewed every three years. We will work with you to create a post-certification plan which considers the future direction of your business activity. 

"I found the team at VantagePoint very professional, easy to talk to, easy to get on with, available and very good at giving you updates." 

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"Cutting the time for this process by 13 days had the knock on effect of decreasing our team’s overtime in July from 33 days last year to five days this year"

Karin Booysen

Financial Accounting Specialist

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