by Ife Akintoye

We have joined forces with IASeminars to accelerate ESG compliance

Demonstrating ESG compliance is a priority for businesses - that's why VantagePoint is offering a new ESG consulting service with partners IASeminars.

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Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors are becoming increasingly important to investors and stakeholders, as they look to measure the long-term sustainability and impact of companies. However, the reporting and compliance requirements of ESG can be complex and time consuming. 

Our new partnership with IASeminars aims to: 

  • Simplify the mystery and complexity surrounding ESG compliance 
  • Offer a new consulting service called ESG Labs: a one-day workshop that arms businesses with an executable roadmap towards ESG compliance 
  • Prepare businesses for ESG from a people, process and systems perspective.  


In this video, Liam O’Brien, our Commercial Director, and Deborah Fyfe, Managing Director of IASeminars, discuss why and how this partnership can add value to businesses looking to address the mandatory ESG disclosure requirements. 


Why are we joining forces with IASeminars? 

There is a real thirst for knowledge around new regulations and standards, such as ESG. However, people need help connecting that knowledge to actually transform their business and feel ready for big changes in the market. IASeminars provides deep subject-matter expertise, making them the perfect partner for us. 

There is a lot going on out there, and the two brands coming together bring both training and consultancy to help businesses understand what they need to know. 


Why is this partnership important for 2023? 

The reality is that financial markets are becoming more and more regulated. With a focus on new regulations, many businesses are concerned about whether they have the knowledge they need to comply with new standards.  

The applied experience that VantagePoint has is essential to make ESG compliance work from a technology perspective, implementing transformation and change, but we really needed subject-matter expertise to fill that gap. With ESG coming down the track, this felt like the perfect time to partner with someone who can provide that training and enablement expertise. 


What are the key benefits that this partnership will bring to businesses? 

The partnership will: 

  • Bring together technical knowledge and allow people access to thought leaders in the ESG space 
  • Give businesses the understanding of the various standards; demystifying the acronyms and giving them clarity as to how it impacts their business 
  • Offer applied experience in advising and implementing finance technology and transformation initiatives once businesses do take action, and can guide businesses on that journey. 
  • Provide unified thought, ensuring that people always have one eye on the future and can think about how they can make change in their business from a people, process, and systems perspective. 


As part of this initiative, our partnership will provide businesses with actionable and useful content, such as blog posts, videos, resources and webinars.  

The first webinar, 'Five steps to building your ESG management strategy', led by leading ESG consultants, provides registrants with clarity about why ESG is important to your business, as well as actionable tips on taking your first steps towards ESG compliance: 

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